It is no secret that athletes who are coached outperform those that aren’t. When they are running sprints, practicing their throws or golf swing, their coach helps them to see what they can’t, to develop their strengths and make often small but impactful tweaks so they achieve more success in their chosen sport.

Same goes for business. As the owner of your company, it is impossible for you to see the entire picture of your business, when you are standing in the frame. A coach sees you, and your business from a different angle, allowing you to see potential roadblocks, blind spots and unseen opportunities you can improve and build success on.

As your accountability partner, I help growth minded business owners and leaders develop strategies in their business and lives that help them become focused on the things that matter, and will translate into success.


Leadership is a learned skill. Leadership coaching helps existing, new or future leaders within your organization become better. Better communicators… Better strategic thinkers… Better team players … Better leaders …

Starting with an in-depth look at your leadership strengths (and weaknesses), behavioral and communication style – I will help you build on your strengths, sand away at your rough edges or weaknesses, learn how to become an Emotionally Intelligent leader, while at the same time help you develop measurable and impactful goals that will be impactful and noticeable.


Facilitation helps focus meeting participants on key outcomes. A well facilitated meeting or summit will uncover out-of-the-box ideas and many times previously unknown truths about your company in a safe, collaborative environment where participants are engaged and focused on successful outcomes and plans.

As your next meeting Facilitator I help your team or group work together more effectively, creating both a helpful and synergistic environment where all participants are willing to participate and share their ideas and concerns – always with an ultimate focus on positive future outcomes.


A well-developed strategic plan helps your business set priorities, align resources and focus on future goals. Without one, your business or department will be misaligned, distracted and operating day to day with no clear direction, outcomes or goals. Companies without a strong strategic plan find that they have weaker culture, poor profits and rarely reach their true potential. They can lose market-share and often miss opportunities to grow or become more efficient.

When was the last time you put your business model under a microscope? Is your original business model taking advantage of today’s current business climate? Is your business model prepared for changes in your category, or how people will do business with you in the future? Best practice says you should be re-evaluating your business model every few years to ensure you remain competitive, and take advantage of opportunities, existing, new and emerging, in your industry or category.

Whether your business needs a robust, well-thought out, competitive Strategic Plan or a deep-dive into your Business Model – I will help you define a clear road map that your entire company embraces, adopts and is guided from.



In business, whenever you bring together a group of people there is always potential for misalignment. Getting everyone to have a voice, but eventually agree to a forward-direction can be difficult to say the least.

I provide tools and facilitation for teams, board members and partners (whether they are newly formed or existing) so that each stakeholder is respectfully heard, embraces change and works collaboratively with others to build a high performing team or partnership.


Having an offsite retreat for your team is a great way to create a collaborative and fun culture, helping to improve understanding and communication amongst team members both at the retreat and back in the workspace. Through a series of work-related games and exercises, your next (or first) retreat promises to be creative, collaborative and well-invested time for your company and its team.

Whether you are looking for a fun, creative team building event or something more business, less play – I can design your next retreat where participants all agree it was not only worth their time, but also create a more cohesive culture when everyone returns to their desk.



As a seasoned speaker and workshop leader, I can help develop a highly personalized and engaging keynote speech or workshop that you and your team will find not only interesting, but impactful. I speak on a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Unlocking Your True Leadership Potential

  • Cultivating Your Power of Influence

  • Creating an Accountable Organization

  • Developing an Aligned Culture

I help create cultures of collaboration, facilitating and coaching teams to focus, be accountable and success-driven.

In business (and life), it helps to get an outside perspective
to help draw out current issues and potential challenges and turn them int well-defined opportunities for growth.

Do you feel stuck in your thinking, or business? Are you looking for help and advice on how to take your business and culture to the next level?


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