Your Business Model May Need Revamping

Have you been spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to create more value or how to transform your organization? Did your company fail to deliver on last year's goals and objectives? You may need take a step back and re-evaluate your business model.

Top 10 Books for Growth Minded Executives

If you're not growing you're dying. We all have to constantly be learning new things and feeding our mind to make the necessary shifts for growth and to produce better results for ourselves. If you change your thoughts and seek out better ways to do things you can change your outcomes.

Group Coaching with Leaders Drives Engagement

An engaged workforce is a result of its leadership. Leaders should drive engagement, yet according to the Harvard Business Review only 30% of employees are engaged costing the US economy $550 billion per year on productivity loss. In the same article, HBR reported that 82% of people don’t trust their boss and 52% of employees quit their jobs because of managers. These numbers are staggering and costly. The good news is that group coaching is an effective leadership tool that can help overcome the challenges of employee engagement and retention.

Everyone Needs a Simple 90-Day Action Plan, Especially Now

Q4 is right around the corner and most companies are getting ready to develop their strategic plans and budgets for 2017. Why not develop a 13 week Action Plan that helps you accomplish the goals you set for 2016 instead?

Invest More Time Aligning Your Workforce to Achieve the Goals of the Organization or Go Insane

In my experience the #1 reason organizations fall short in executing their strategic plan is because they use the same people to develop the plan and then it lands on the desk of everybody else in the organization that is actually expected to implement it. We need to stop with the top only approach.

Emotional Intelligence: The New Non-Negotiable for Top Executives

Ever since the publication of Daniel Goleman’s first book on the topic in 1995, emotional intelligence (EQ) has become a buzzword in the business world. Shortly after Goleman’s book was released, the Harvard Business Review published an article on the topic that attracted a higher percentage of readers than any other article published in that periodical 40 years prior. In fact, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson read the HBR article and had 400 copies of Goleman’s book sent to his top executives.

Understanding Your Role in a Startup Community

I recently read and re-read Brad Feld's book Startup Communities where he compresses 20 years of experience building a startup community in Boulder, Colorado into 224 pages. It is by far the best comprehensive book I have read on startup communities. The biggest takeaway for me was understanding the clearly defined roles of leaders and feeders. I am convinced that understanding the difference between the two roles and adhering to these principles from the start is the determining factor in how quickly and successfully we can build supportive entrepreneurial ecosystems where we live.

The Chief That Is Missing from Your Team

When you are trying to lose weight, you hop on the scale to measure your beginning weight and your end weight. When you are measuring how many inches of snow fell during the snowstorm you actually have to know how much snow you already had and use a ruler to determine how much additional snow you received. When you are measuring a child’s growth you actually get out the yardstick and determine how many inches they are currently to determine how much they have grown in 6 months.

I help create cultures of collaboration, facilitating and coaching teams to focus, be accountable and success-driven.

In business (and life), it helps to get an outside perspective
to help draw out current issues and potential challenges and turn them int well-defined opportunities for growth.

Do you feel stuck in your thinking, or business? Are you looking for help and advice on how to take your business and culture to the next level?

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